Our selection of sandwiches and savouries change from time-to-time depending on the season.

Smoked Chicken & Avocado

Baguette sandwich filled with smoked chicken mayo, lemon juice, black pepper and avocado

Ham & Emmental

Baguette filled with butter, french emmental cheese, ham and black pepper

Tuna & Cucumber

Baguette filled with tuna, mayonnaise, butter, lettuce, black pepper and rocket. 

Cheddar Cheese & Pickles

Baguette filled with mild cheddar, butter, tomato, lettuce, black peppers and chutney pickles

Brie & Salad

Baguette filled with soured cream mixed with chives, brie cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

Roasted Aubergine & Cheddar Cheese

Baguette filled with roasted aubergines, cheddar cheese, red pesto, mayonnaise and tomatoes 

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

8 cereal bread, cream cheese, capers, lemon juice, rocket black pepper and smoked salmon

Goat Cheese & Roast Veggies

Ciabatta filled with goat cheese, sundried tomato, roasted peppers, mushroom, tomato paste and rocket. We can toast this sandwich if customer requires


Paysan (wholemeal) bread, prawns mixed with ketchup and mayo, dice of avocado, onions and lettuce.

Beef & Gherkins

Campaillou bread with butter, honey and mustard mix, salted beef, gherkins and rocket 


Ciabatta bread, homemade pesto, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and buffalo mozzarella 


Campaillou bread (shaped as ciabatta) with bacon tomato salad a bit of mayonnaise and sea salt

Turkey & Cranberry

Ciabatta bread with turkey, mayonnaise, cranberry jam and avocado

Egg Mayonnaise

Paysan bread with eggs, mayonnaise, onions, mustard and rocket salad 



Spinach Roll

Spinach mixed with ricotta cheese and chilli in a puff pastry roll

Sausage Roll

Cumberland sausage in a puff pastry roll 

Spinach & Salmon Brioche

Salted brioche, fresh spinach, smoked salmon, cream, eggs, parmesan & tomato pesto 

Goat Cheese & Roast Veggies Brioche

Salted brioche, courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms & goat cheese 

Mixed Vegetable Brioche

Salted brioche filled with broccoli, mushrooms and peppers 

Bacon & Leek Brioche

Salted brioche, bacon, leek, parmesan cheese and cream 

Wild Mushroom Quiche

Short pastry filled with wild mushrooms, eggs, cream and cheese 

Haddock Quiche

Brioche pastry, egg and cream, sautéed leeks, wholegrain mustard and smoked haddock 

Brie Tarte Fine

Puff pastry, caramalised onion, brie cheese, thyme, grapes 

Ricotta Tarte Fine

Puff pastry, roasted aubergine, garlic, ricotta cheese, parsley, tomatoes

Chorizo Quiche

Brioche pastry, egg and cream, roasted red peppers, onions, chorizo 

Butternut Squash Quiche

Short pastry, egg and cream, butternut squash, shallot jam, goats cheese, thyme 


Short pastry, roast potatoes, pancetta, gruyere cheese, egg and cream

Ham & Cheese Croissant

In a croissant, ham, cheddar cheese and béchamel 


Vegetarian base: tomato paste, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, mushroom, olives & mozzarella then topped with either: ham, tuna, chicken or anchovies 

During the winter months we serve our homemade soups with bread and butter.