Every day Boulangerie Jade makes and bakes bread, pastries, savouries and cakes. We only use French flour for all our products. 



Classic French bread made from white flour


Rustic French bread made from wheat and sourdough


Rustic French bread made from five grain mixed flour and sourdough

Pain au Rustique

Rustic French bread made from 1⁄2 wheat and 1⁄2 rye flour 100% sourdough

Pain Levain

Rustic French bread made from 1⁄4 wheat and 3⁄4 rye flour 100% sourdough


Mixed flour and mixed grain (wheat, barley, wholemeal, rye flours and sesame, poppy, sunflower and pumpkin seeds) 

Pain Alsacien

Traditional Eastern France made of rye flour, pine kernels, molasses and oats.
Very low gluten content


Wholemeal and a little rye flour 

Organic Rustic

Organic rustic wheat flour


Traditional country loaf made from five grain mixed flour


Traditional Italian bread made from wheat flour, olive oil, sea salt and rosemary


Traditional Italian bread made from wheat, olive oil and milk

Hazelnut and Raisin

Country loaf with hazelnuts, raisins and poppy seeds


Traditional South of France bread made with different fillings: either Goat’s cheese and lardons or black olive


Spikey shaped bread made from baguette dough


Star shaped bread made of baguette dough 

Pain aux Noix et Vin Rouge

Made with walnuts, red wine, rye, wheat, malt and sourdough

Black Olive

French black olives, wheat, wholemeal flour and polenta

Brioche Burger Bun

Made of wheat, butter, milk, cream, eggs and sugar

Cholla Bread

Available on request. Jewish bread made of wheat flour and sesame seeds. 


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